Self initiated project exploring how a piece of music can create or represent a space, often viewed as a sanctuary.

A playlist of songs represented as kinetic symbols; inspired by synaesthetic experiences. The designs started off as semi-autonomous sketches drawn whilst listening to pieces of music. Selected elements were then merged together to sculpt these 3D orb equalisers.


1. M.E.S.H. - live cut for RA
2. Gustavo Cerati - Perdonar Es Divino
3. Kuhrye-oo - Air Days feat. Evy Jane
4. Lee Byung Woo - Bird

Sanctuaries VR Experience

Best viewed through Google glasses or any other VR viewer. If not, use the mouse to pan around the 360 degree space.

View here if not working.

I aimed to create an immersive 360 degree experience where the audience is transported through different 'sanctuaries' based on these four pieces of music. The experience mixes video footage and visual 3D equalisers.

Eliott McKenzie


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Eliott McKenzie