Unfazed - Royal Operah House

YCN competition entry campaign for the Royal Opera House.

The initial ideas focused on inclusion and finding ways to show a side of ballet that highlighted groups of people that aren’t normally represented. These transitioned to the themes of collaboration and fusion. Contrasting the idea of what ballet is against the aggression and modern sound, this video aims to draw a younger generation in to this historical form of dance. The title ‘Unfazed’ coveys the idea of millennials fearlessly breaking down societal walls and blurring lines through collaboration and fusion.


Traci Grillo & Rhyss Rhoden

Art direction:

Eliott Mckenzie



Social Media & Billboard

Eliott McKenzie


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︎︎︎ video
︎︎︎ design
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︎︎︎ 3D


Eliott McKenzie